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Mountain Scrambling Courses

Scrambling course in the Ogwen Valley

Mountain scrambling is an adventurous and natural extension to hill walking that at it's upper end, blurs into the world of mountaineering.


We offer scrambling courses in North Wales and Spain for all levels of experience.We can show you movement skills needed to climb your first grade 1 scrambles; we can teach you the rope work and the extra skills necessary to tackle your own grade 3's or we can guide you up the classic scrambles that abound in Snowdonia and the Sierra Nevada in southern Spain.

Scrambling can be enjoyed by anyone who is aerobically fit and likes an exciting challenge - our scrambling courses just help accelerate the learning process and teach you best practice whilst keeping you safe.

Scrambling with an instructor will give you the experience to gauge the difficulty of a route and let you learn how to protect both yourself and your partner on steep ground. You will learn about all aspects of the rope work used on scrambles; placing rock protection, constructing anchors, using running belays, moving together, short roping, direct belay techniques and retreating / abseiling.

Above all you will gain the independance to head out by yourself to enjoy some of the best mountain routes all over the UK and Europe.

Scrambling Courses - Overview

On guided scrambles it is possible to lead with ratios of up to 1:4, however this higher ratio will only be possible on easier scrambles. The best guiding ratio for more challenging scrambles is 1:1 or 1:2.

The ideal ratio for scrambling instruction is 2 or 3 clients to 1 instructor. We can also offer individual instruction if needed.

We provide all the technical climbing equipment that you will need for the course; ropes, harnesses, protection and helmets. Silvia is fortunate enough to be sponsored by two of the leading climbing equipment companies so you will be using the latest equipment from DMM and Mammut.

The tabs below outline the variety of mountain scrambling courses that we can offer, but these are just outlines and we are more than happy to build a custom course to meet your needs and time scales.


Scrambling in North Wales and Snowdonia


Scrambling in the Glders as bad weather arrives

Snowdonia is an excellent area for scrambling with the ridges and gullies of the welsh mountains providing many scrambles at all levels of difficulty. There are many famous scrambles such as North Ridge of Tryfan, Bristly Ridge,

Crib Goch or Cneifion Arete However, there are many other scrambles that are equally as good in quieter areas, where you stand a good chance of having the mountain to yourself.

The scrambling is largely based around the Snowdon Massif and in the Glyders and Carneddau mountain ranges.

The Carneddau is the most northerly of the 3 groups and provides some long days out in fairly remote mountain settings; the routes here are less concentrated than in the other areas and the locations offer greater solitude. The best route is probably Crib Lem (Llech Ddu Spur) which leads up to the summit of the Llech Ddu via some great grade 1 scrambling.

The Glyders offer some of the best and most concentrated scrambling in the UK. The mountain range lies between the Ogwen valley and the Llanberis Pass and includes the impressive buttresses of Tryfan, the Glyders, Y Garn and Foel Goch. The area is packed with classic scrambles including the various routes up Tryfan that let you avoid the crowds on the main path, the superb Bristly Ridge, Chasm Face and Gully routes on Glyder Fach and the steep and exposed Cneifion Arete.

The Cwm Bochlwyd horseshoe is one of the best mountain circuits in the UK.

The Snowdon Massif has inspired people to climb it for centuries, but whilst the standard paths to the summit still offer great views the scrambler has the opportunity to climb the mountain in relative seclusion and with massive exposure on spectacular ridges. The Snowdon Horseshoe via Crib Goch offers classic grade one scrambling that can feel exposed in places whilst rivaling the Cwm Bochlwyd horseshoe for best grade 1 in Snowdonia. The Clogwyn Y Person Arete on Crib Y Ddysgyl is also pretty awesome and provides a harder alternative start to reach the summit of Snowdon.

A precis of some the most popular courses is set out below - follow the links for full details. There are no set course itineraries because everybody's requirements are different. We will always try to offer you the tuition you want at the correct pace for you and in the best environment.


The top of Cneifion Arete above Llyn Idwal in Snowdonia


Snowdon via Crib Goch or Clogwyn Y Person Arete: This is probably the most famous scramble in Wales and could be described as 'Snowdon the Hard Way'. The difficulties can range from 1 to 3 depending on the variations climbed, but in any case the exposure is huge and the traverse across the Crib Goch ridge is unforgettable. The views are amazing on this route.

Scrambling the Welsh Classics: A 2 day course that will help you scramble the best routes in Snowdonia. The routes we attempt will depend on your mountain experience and fitness, but could include Cneifion Arete, Bristly Ridge and Tryfan via Milestone Buttress approach.

The long classic days out are the Snowdon Horseshoe and The Cwm Bochlwyd Horseshoe - the two best big scrambling days on mainland Britain.

Learn to Scramble: an introduction to scrambling that will teach you all the essentials of scrambling. You will learn how to interpret the guidebook so you can approach the scramble, assess it's difficulty and follow the line of the route. We will not only help you with movement skills and rope work, but also give you the knowledge to make good judgment calls so you can move independently and safely on steep ground.

Advanced Scrambling: advanced scrambling is aimed at those who have climbed some grade 1 and 2 scrambles and would now like to tackle some harder routes. These routes totally blur the line between mountaineering and rock climbing and are quite demanding - the course will work on teaching you to fluidly move across a variety of terrain, give you a comprehensive range of rope skills, teach you how to use your feet precisely and pass across a few sneaky tricks that can help get you out of nasty situations. This can also be easily adapted to cover alpine training for those heading to the Alps over the summer.

Guided Scrambles: We can help you enjoy the best scrambles in the Snowdonia by guiding you to the best routes and looking after all the safety and technical issues. This is an ideal course if you have limited time and want to maximise the amount of climbing you do whilst pushing your grade.


Scrambling in Spain


the summit of El Chamizo in Andalucia

Our main base for Scrambling Courses in Spain is in the Andalucian village of Villanueva del Rosario. The village lies in the Camarolo and Jobo hills 40km north of Malaga and we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of rock including the highest peak in the area - El Chamizo 1637m

The area includes many rock climbing routes, but the flanks of El Chamizo provide an ideal venue for learning the skills and techniques needed for scrambling.

Scrambling - El Chamizo: A spectacular climb to the summit of the highest mountain in the area; there is also a summit log book for the successful to sign. The difficulty of the route can vary depending on the route taken and can vary from grade 1 to 3.

Learn to Scramble: This is the winter version of the Snowdonia course, but with sun and warm rock. The area behind our house has some big ridges in the Jobo and Camarolos mountains which are a perfect training ground for learning how to scramble. We will work with you on all the fundamental skills needed for scrambling - movement techniques, ropes skills and mountain craft - as well as taking you to some really great places

Advanced Scrambling: The limestone ridges of Alpujarra and the extensive mountains of Cordillera Penibética provide a brilliant playground for extending your climbing and scrambling skills. We will look at how to move safely, but quickly across various difficult terrain, giving you the knowledge and experience to make and trust your own decisions.

Apart from scrambling on great rock we can add some Via Ferratas to experience steep climbs in a safe way and see some fantasic mountain areas.


Chamizo and the limestone massif behind Villanueva del Rosario


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