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Classic Scrambles - Guiding in North Wales & Snowdonia

Milestone Buttress - Ogwen - Classic Climbs in Snowdonia


A guided scrambling course can be organised for virtually any mountain route in North Wales and Snowdonia.


We can guide you to the best and most memorable scrambles in the region - esoteric gems and popular classics alike, we know which routes are sheltered, we know how best to avoid the crowds and above all we can help you climb these classic mountain routes safely.

We can also combine guiding and scrambling instruction so that you experience the many classic scrambles that Wales has to offer whilst learning new skills and techniques.

A guided route is a perfect way to experience the best scrambles and a great way of climbing harder routes so that you can gain extra confidence and break through a grade barrier.

Above all, if you simply want to go scrambling our guiding courses will give you the opportunity to climb the classic ridges, buttresses and gullies on Snowdonia's greatest mountains in safety with a qualified instructor.

All of our guided scrambles courses are constructed around your individual needs - simply contact us with the names of the routes that you want to climb or with an outline of a grade range or route criteria and we will come back to you with a list of classic routes that meet those requirements. .

A full outline of the course with some suggested routes is below.



Guided Scrambles in North Wales and Snowdonia


On top of the Glyders in Snowdonia

Guided scrambling in the company of a mountaineering instructor allows you to explore and fully enjoy the best scrambles in the mountains of Snowdonia and North Wales - you climb the best routes, safely and with the best use of you time.

Scrambling is a natural extension to adventurous hill walking and often provides the most interesting and exhilarating routes to the summit of the mountain; guided scrambles are a perfect introduction to scrambling for those experienced walkers looking for a challenge and a little adventure.

If you have already climbed some of the classic scrambles, but would like to attempt some longer, tougher routes then a guided trip with an experienced instructor can let you get the most from the time available to you and give you the extra confidence and skills to become more independent

We will look after all the route finding and party management, leaving you more time to enjoy the spectacular mountain views and the exhilaration of continuous movement over ridges, buttresses and gullies.


Guided Scrambles in Snowdonia& North Wales-Prices

Rates per person


1 person: £180 - 2 people: £95 - 3 people: £75 -

4 people: £65


In order to book, you need to fill in a booking form and pay a 50% deposit or the full fee, either by bank transfer -free of charge at our end- or via Paypal subject to a 4.5% fee.


When we receive your booking form we will get back to you to confirm our availability for the dates you request. Please make sure you contact us before submitting payment so that we can email you all the details you will need


Additional Information on guided Scrambles in Snowdonia & North Wales


There are many brilliant scrambles in Snowdonia and some of the most popular include:

  • Cneifion Arete (Ogwen) - Grade 3. This is a superb arete with an alpine feel that lies above Llyn Idwal. The hardest part of the scramble is at the start with very steep rock, but the holds are good. Above there are lots of flakes and spikes to use as both hand holds and as protection. The top half of the route is a good place to practice moving together whilst roped-up. This scramble is quite exposed so you will need a head for heights.


  • Clogwyn Y Person Arete (Llanberis Pass - Clogwyn y Ddysgyl) Grade 3 This is one of the very best scrambles in Snowdonia and an alternative, quieter and harder method of climbing Snowdon if Crib Goch is looking busy. A long, interesting walk-in from the Llanberis Pass via Cwm Glas leads to the start of the ridge is required. Clogwyn Y Person scrambleThe solid rock gives you a choice of  Grade 2 or Grade 3 starts and the natural line of the route gives the feeling of a an alpine ascent - In winter this makes a classic grade III. From the ridge itself you get stunning views left to Crib Goch and back over the Glyderau.


  • Seniors Ridge (Ogwen) – Grade 1 This ridge separates Cwm Idwal and Cwm Cneifion. It’s reached either by the routes above or by a path that leads up into Cwm Cneifion. The ridge is wide and easy to follow with a choice of line. It can be taken as a walking route or scrambled, with the more difficult and interesting sections being found on the right side overlooking Cwm Idwal.


  • Crib Goch (Llanberis Pass) Grade1/2. Crib Goch (Red Ridge) is in the Snowdon Massif and forms part of the Snowdon Horseshoe. It is a massively exposed scramble that starts as a broad rib then higher up turns into a classic knife edge ridge with steep sides and a very narrow top. It is possible to carry on scrambling to Lliwedd after you have reached the Snowdon Summit to complete the Snowdon Horseshoe if you have any energy or adrenaline left over.


  • Tryfan North Ridge (Ogwen) Grade 1. This is regarded by many as the finest of the easier scrambles in Snowdonia.  This classic scramble leads up the ridge with constantly interesting scrambling, past an obligatory photograph at the famous ‘Cannon Rock’, to the summit with the freestanding Adam and Eve pinnacles.It is possible to make the route better and harder by avoiding the initial slog up the hillside and approaching the ridge via the Milestone Buttress Approach and the Milestone Continuation routes. Combining this variation with Bristly Ridge gives one of the best mountaineering expeditions in the UK.


  • Nor Nor Groove (Ogwen) Grade 1/2. An often quiet and more difficult route up Tryfan via a Nor Nor Groove on the East Face. We can either approach by a short walk or it is possible to do the Tryfan Bach approach (Grade 3). At the Heather Terrace we climb the groove system that overlooks the gloomy Nor Nor Gully. We top out just by the notch on the North Ridge, which is followed a short distance to the top.
  • Little and North Gullies (Ogwen) Grade 1/2. Another scramble on Tryfan’s mighty East Face, starting further along than Nor Nor Groove. The first section of North Gully is quite difficult, so Little Gully is used to bypass it. Several good gully pitches lead upwards until a path leads into North Gully.


  • Bristly Ridge (Ogwen) Grade 1/2. This is an absolutely classic scramble Bristly Ridge in profileand possibly the best grade 1 in Wales. The route starts at Bwlch Tryfan and follows the amazing ridge to bring you out on boulder-littered summit of Glyder Fach.We normally  start the ridge via Sinister Gully before climbing the ridge itself with constant interest past the Great Pinnacle Gap. It is possible for the fit to combine this with a scramble on Tryfan for a long, but very satisfying day out.

However there are any other routes that offer equally good days out in possibly quieter surroundings: Tthe intimidating Sentries Ridge on Mynydd Mawr or the exposed routes on Glyder Fach - East Gully, Main Gully and Sharks Buttress.

If you want some background information then there are several guides to scrambling in North Wales, but probably the best are Scrambles and Easy Climbs in Snowdonia and Scrambles in Snowdonia

There is also a useful online resource at

All of our scrambling instruction is by arrangement and totally customisable. Simply call or email and we'll try to construct a program that works for you.



Mountain Instructors for Guided Scrambling

Snowdonia & North Wales


Most of our scrambling guided days are run by Silvia Fitzpatrick, and supported by James M and Pete M. who know the Scrambles in Snowdonia inside out.

We employ only qualified climbing instructors holding the Mountain Instructor Award. Silvia is a full member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI) and the Mountain Leaders Training Association.

Scrambling is often one of the hardest skills to pick up when you come to it as an experienced rock climber - as a climber you are used to a regular routine of always using the rope and pitching the entire route. Scrambling is a lot more fluid - one moment you will be soloing, then you quickly get the ropes out to short rope past a difficult section, then revert to soloing for a little bit further before bringing out the ropes again to pitch the last part of the route. It is much more akin to alpine mountaineering than rockclimbing.

It is often made even more difficult when the routes you need to climb are not in perfect condition and you are wearing big boots, however Silvia's alpine experience in Patagionia and the European Alps - she made the first female ascent of Cerro Fitzroy in Patagonia and climbed the North Face of the Eiger with Jim Bridwell- meant that learning these skills came quickly.



Guided Scrambles in Snowdonia& North Wales-Prices

Rates per person


1 person: £180 - 2 people: £95 - 3 people: £75 -

4 people: £65


In order to book, you need to fill in a booking form and pay a 50% deposit or the full fee, either by bank transfer -free of charge at our end- or via Paypal subject to a 4.5% fee.


When we receive your booking form we will get back to you to confirm our availability for the dates you request. Please make sure you contact us before submitting payment so that we can email you all the details you will need.


Online Booking Form

The full terms and conditions plus general background information on our courses are on the booking page


Equipment provided by Rock Climbing Company: We provide all the technical equipment for scrambling courses - this includes ropes, climbing equipment, helmets and harnesses. You are welcome to bring your own helmet and harness, but your instructor will need to ensure that they are in serviceable condition.

What you need to provide:. You will need to provide suitable warm clothing for the time of year, a full set of waterproofs (top and trousers) and walking boots. Ideally you will need your own rock shoes as well, although we can arrange hire rock shoes if required. You will also need a rucksack (30 - 40 litre capacity) and food and drink for the day. It is well worth bring extra an extra hat and tough gloves because scrambling routes can be quite exposed to the elements. A thermos full of hot drink is also useful.

What is not included. Prices do not include, transport, accommodation, meals or personal insurance.

Ratios and course sizes. The Guided Scrambles course is best taught at a ratio of 1 or 2 clients to 1 instructor, although easier scrambles can be undertaken at higher ratios.







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