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A Guide to choosing the most suitable

Rock Climbing - Scrambling & Mountain Skills course



It can be hard know what type of climbing course to choose, so there is a flow chart below that might make the decision easier.

It is just a guide to get you on the right track and there is more detailed information in the same vein (and more words) in the tabs at the bottom of the home page and on the main rock climbing courses page.




This chart is just an indicator - a lot of people will want and need a specific course to make the most of their time. If you prefer it, you can contact us via email explaining your fitness-sports background, your aspirations and your level of experience in climbing and hill walking and we will be able to suggest the best course for you.

It is quite common for us to run tailored courses. For example, a combined Climbing Outdoors and Lead Climbing course that builds on your existing climbing skills -whether indoors or outdoors- for the first couple of days and then starts looking at how to lead climb.

Similarly, a course with the same name can contain different topics and have a very different emphasis - thus Learn to Climb can be a fun, experience based course trying many climbs in acontrolled set up suprevised by the instructor along side you or it can be an intensive course of instruction on how to start climbing safely and independently in a variety of mountain environments.

This is why we really prefer running private rather than open/shared courses because that way the tuition is focused on your specific needs. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are not sure which course to go for.

The links in the chart below all lead to the specific courses in North Wales, but we also run a full range of similar courses in many areas of Spain as well.


climbing courses flowchart
















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