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Guided Via Ferrata - Barcelona and Catalunya



Exposed traverse in Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades


Baumes Corcades Via Ferrata: horizontal section



Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades near Barcelona

Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades: vertical climb



Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades, aerial stairs

Baume Corcades via ferrata with optional aereal stairs




Can Canalassa: the children Via Ferrata in Vallcebre Park



steep exit cal curt

Cal Curt: the very steep Via Ferrata in Vallcebre Park



Bridge in Via Ferrata Roca Nariega



wire bridge on Roca Nariega Via Ferrata

Wire bridge on Roca Nariega Via ferrrata



roca nariega via ferrata start of K3 section

Via Ferrata Roca Nariega start of section K3



Via Ferrata Roca Nariega exposed traverse



Via Ferratas in Barcelona and Lleida provinces

Baumes Corcades - Vallcebre - Roca Narieda


The mountains of Barcelona and Lleida provinces are not only a fantastic area for rock climbing and mountaineering, but they also host some of the best via ferratas in Spain.


Via Ferrata Baumes Comcades, Centelles, North of Barcelona













Via Ferrata Baumes Corcades, Centelles, North of Barcelona

Some of the best Via ferratas within an hour travel from Barcelona are outlined here below:


Exposure at Baumes Corcades

1. Baumes Corcades: this fantastic route is close to the village of Centelles which is an hour drive or easily reached by train from Barcelona train station.The route is often regarded as being 'at the perfect level '- enough interest for experienced climbers and yet possible for a determined novice. It has two options on the itinerary so you can choose the easy version or the harder one.

One of the main features of this Via Ferrata, is an exposed 68m long cable walkway. This exciting 'walk' can can be avoided if you prefer walking on a path below. It is best suited to those with some previous experience of via ferratas because it is powerful in places and it is also fairly long. See more information on this route in the next section below this overview.



Via Ferrata de Vallcebre, Roques de empalomar

2.Via Ferratas in Parque de Vallcebre: this mountain activity park, hosts 3 via ferratas to be enjoyed by beginners and families with young children as well as a very steep one for those looking for a challenge. A main advantage is that they are all really close together and the family or group of friends can be temporarily divided to do different activities and then easily re-united in a central area. Located just north of the town of Berga - about 80 minutes drive north of Barcelona- these Via ferrata climbs sit at the foot of the pre-Pyrenees in a beautiful setting below the emblematic mountain called Pedraforca. Apart from via ferratas, you can enjoy a fully equipped rock climbing venue for beginners and some interesting short treks with Tibetan bridges. A great place to spend the day with a great cafe and some pic nic spots.There is an entrance fee in this park of €3.00-€5.00 per person.


Via Ferrata Roca Nariega

This exciting and vertical via ferrata is located in the province of Lleida, in municipality of Figols i Alinya close to the towns of Oliana and Coll de Nargo. Manressa is the nearest big city. It can be divided in 2 sections: the first section is less difficult and it is appropriate for families and beginners and the continuation is perfect for those looking for a challenging day.


It is equipped with steps, chains and it has 2 bridges. You will enjoy some aerial sections with some real sense of exposure. It is almost 300 meters long and can be covered in approxiamtely an hour.The second section is more difficult and it is reached as a continuation of the previous part by using its exit path and veering off to the right .It comprises challenging vertical sections, traverses and side crossings and a Tibetan bridge.This section takes to to the summit of Roca de Nareda with magnificent views.You can complete the whole activity: access, vertical climb and return to the car park in approximately 5 hours.


Roca nariega Via Ferrata background mountains

Rates per person

1 person: €180 - 2 people: €95 - 3 people: €65 -

4 people: €60


Booking Process

In order to book, you first need to contact us via email, outlining your preferred dates, aspirations and the relevant details such as the number of participants, their ages and level of experience -if any-. When we receive your first enquiry, we will get back to you to confirm our availability for the dates you have requested as well as the course content, cost and meeting arrangements. Once we agree on all the details, you will need to send a booking form and pay a 50% deposit (or the full fee), either by bank transfer -free of charge at our end- or via PayPal subject to a 4.5% fee. Please make sure you contact us before and after submitting your booking form and payment so that we can email you all the details you will need and schedule your course on the correct dates.


The map below shows the location of the via ferratas on the Costa Brava near Barcelona and Girona.

View Via Ferrata around Barcelona and Girona in a larger map



Via Ferrata Closest Town Difficulty Time Suitable for Beginners/Families
Roca Nariega Coll de Nargo- Oliana 2 sections; the first one good for families and the second part more challenging 2 or 5 hours from the parking Adulst all levels & children
Baumes Corcades Centelles-Barcelona province A very good via ferrata; one of the most popular in Northern Spain. It has two options: beginners & advanced 4 - 5 hours from the parking Adults, beginners & advanced
Via Ferratas de Vallcebre Berga- Barcelona province 3 separate but very close via Ferratas with different levels; from an introductory route for children to an athletic outing 4 - 5 hours

Adults all levels & children

Canal de Dames Montserrat Barcelona province

A technical route that is challenging and features an interesting chimney

3 -3.5 hours Adults all levels


There are more details on the two main via ferrata - Baume Corcades and oques del'Empalomar - below together with pricing.




Baumes Corcades


Baumes Corcades (also known as Centelles after the nearest town) is one of the best via ferrata in Catalonia and is withiin easy driving distance of Barcelona.

It is quite hard physically and is famous for having one of the longest cable bridges in europe - see the picture on the left - the cable is 68m long and quite exposed. Definitely a good test of nerves.

The route is often mentioned as being at the perfect level - enough interest for experienced climbers and yet possible for a determined novice - we would agree as long as any newcomers are fit and have a cool head.

The route consists of four sections with the last having been opened in 2006, the sections being separated by short, steep hikes. The first section starts out steeply climbing three vertical walls with overhanging sections. After quickly gaining more than 60m in height there is a traverse that brings the famous Tibetan cable bridge into view - 68m looks like a very long way from this perspective. Crossing the bridge takes between 5 and 10 minutes as any fast movement makes it move and swap - not advisable as it increases any feelings of fear and insecurity. Arrival at the far end is a well deserved reward.

A short traverse then to another fork that allows for a harder or easier variant to be taken - obviously the harder section is better has some steep steps that are quite exposed. This leads to a ladder that crosses the gap to the last section. This fourth section is the hardest -physically- with 3 overhangs.An unforgetable outing!



Roca Nariega

Roca Nariega spiral stairs


Another great option for Summer days as its west orienttion, ensures that can be done in the sahde during the morning that featuresLocated in Berga there are two good via ferratas that can be extended with an exposed ridge walk. it has enough interest for experienced climbers and yet is not to hard for those new to via ferrata. The route takes about 3 hours from start to finish with about 2 hours on the route itself. There is also a relatively new extension that is accessed by a tibetan bridge that can be used to extend the route.Excellent for families as well as beginners groups.



Baumes Corcades


Roques de l'Empalomar




All prices include use of all safety equipment.

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Via Ferrata

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180 Euros
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