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Index of Climbing + Scrambling Articles


All the articles are in the tabs below the main central course introductions; the correct tab should open automatically.

Rock Climbing Articles:


1. How to Start Rock Climbing.

A short article that offers information on how to start climbing and lists the best reference sites and books.

2. Choosing Climbing Equipment and building a rack of hardware.

A general overview of what to look for in carabiners, nuts/wires, cams and slings

3. Building a Rack of Climbing Equipment.

A more detailed view of what you need for specific types of climbing and the composition of different climbing racks.

4. Climbing Carabiners

A more detailed of what to look for when choosing rock climbing carabiners

5. Choosing Rock Climbing shoes

A short article on choosing your first pair of climbing shoes with some recommendation.

6. Choosing and Placing Nuts, Wires and Hexes (Hexcentrics) for Climbing ( Part 1)

A look at how to choose and place nuts effectively, especially hexes (Torque Nuts and Rockcentrics)

7. Choosing and Placing Nuts, Wires and Slings for Climbing (Part 2)

A look at how to choose slings and nuts / wires with information on the features to look for.

8. Choosing and Placing Cams / Camming Devices.

A look at how to choose and place cams (Friends, Camalots and 4CUs) with information on the features to look for.

8a. Choosing a Small Camming Unit

Information on the best micro cams on the market - CCH Aliens v Metolius Master Cams v Wild Country Zeros v Black Diamond C3s

9. Choosing a Climbing Helmet

A look at how to choose a climbing helmet with some recommendations.

10. Choosing a Climbing Harness

Information on choosing a climbing harness - different styles, features to look for and getting the best fit,

11. Abseiling and Prusic Loops

A short article on abseiling, protecting the abseil and ascending the rope using prusic loops

12. First Aid Kit - Contents for Climbers

A personal look at the contents of a climbers First Aid Kit

13. Climbing Accidents - common causes for how they happen

An analysis of common accident scenarios at climbing walls

14. Corroded Carabiners - Strength Loss

A quick look at a corroded quickdraw and how it broke when tested.

Mountain Scrambling Articles:

1. Mountain Scrambling Grades .

A short description of the scrambling grades used in the UK and a look at the territory likely to be encountered.

2. Choosing Scrambling Equipment - Ropes & Hardware.

A general overview of what to look when choosing ropes and a rack for scrambling. There is information on choosing helmets on the Advanced Scrambling Course page

3. Constructing Rope Coils

How to make rope coils, short roping and moving together. There is a direct link to the photos on how to build hard locked coils for scrambling here




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