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Performance Rock - Climbing Coaching in Spain

Malaga - Marbella - Granada - Barcelona -Valencia- Asturias


Silvia on El Oroculo El Chorro - 8b at Makinodromo




Performance Rock Climbing is a comprehensive personal coaching course that aims to improve all aspects of your climbing - movement skills, technique, the mind and your confidence as well as training and strategies to improve your overall climbing performance.








Performance Coaching Course - Additional Information


We can start by having a chat about your past and current climbing performance. After doing a few climbs together, we can identify and talk through strengths, weaknesses and objectives.

We will look at movement skills and body position as well as energy saving techniques but, more important, we will look at the overall combination of factors that will enable you to become a better climber.

The coaching will focus on giving you the strategies to plan your climbs carefully and feel more confident in your own climbing abilities. We will suggest mental approaches and training strategies that will help you to achieve your personal goals.Thus when you stand below your next project, you have the belief that you can do it.

Above all, the aim of this course is to help you to overcome the barriers that are limiting your climbing performance.

These obstacles are often difficult to see without advice and help from a more experienced climber who is able to analyse both, strengths and weaknesses and then suggest methods of overcoming the weaknesses and maximising the effectiveness of the strengths.



Rates per person per day


Private instruction:

1 person:180 Euros - 2 people: 95 Euros - 3 people: 85 Euros -

4 people: 75 Euros


Open courses (up to 6 people):

1 person:100 Euros - 2 people: 75 Euros - 3 people: 65 Euros -

4 to 6 people: 60 Euros




We can run climbing courses on private or open basis.

Private guiding and instruction

Private climbing courses are fast track learning and they are totally tailored to your needs and aspirations. We plan it with you to create the course you want -

Private guiding means you can choose the routes, dates, location and content of the day. Simply email us and we will plan something that works for you.


Open Courses

Open courses are run so you can join a group of climbers.

Climbing in an open courses means you pay less but the group you join might be composed of people of different ages and climbing experience. Alhough we do our best to match people with similar climbing experience and ambitions, you will need to be flexible with the dates and times, content, location and group composition.

We organise the group so that you get to climb as much as possibe.



Your climbing coach

Silvia has been coaching for over 20 years and has been climbing at a high standard for over 30 years. She has onsighted several 7c's, red pointed up to 8b and done over 50 routes graded above 8a. Silvia has also trad climbed E7 and flashed many E5's in the UK. Alpine highlights include the North Face of the Eiger and the first female ascent to Fitzroy in Patagonia. There are more details on Silvia's background and climbing experience in the 'About Us' of the site



This course can be based in several locations depending on the time of the year and your preferences.

In late Autumn, early Spring and Winter it is normally based in El Chorro in Malaga or at our base in Villanueva del Rosario, 38 km also north of Malaga. Climbers can lodge in a self-catering apartment with lovely mountain views and a sunny terrace. This town is surrounded by fantastic crags, hills and mountains with easy access to El Chorro, VVa del Cauche and Archidona. The airports of Malaga and Granada are within 40km and 65km from the village.

If you prefer being based at El Chorro we can try to arrange that. We are connected to The Olive Branch which provides a wide range of accommodation from bunk beds, private rooms or camping with the use of cooking facilities.

Chulilla, a white village and rock climbing venue located inland from Valencia province in Spain, is another great location for a climbing course like this one, particularly, in the cold months.

Asturias, Cantabria and the Vasque Country are perfect locations in the hot months.

This course is constructed around your individual needs - please do not hesitate to contact us to suggest your own itinerary.


Performance Climbing - Tips for everyday life


climbing at El Chorro El Oraculo


Climbing is an unusually complex sport with a high number of variables affecting performance; these variables keep climbing interesting, but also make the task of improving and becoming a better climber more difficult.

In a busy life it is all too easy to get into a rut that stymies climbing improvement and leads to a lack of motivation.

The following may help to stop that happening:


1. After a hard day at work it often feels easier to go home rather than head to the wall. These feeling, despite appearances, are often more psychological than physical and affect us all from time to time. It is often best to just push through the block and head to the gym or crag - most times once the first route/problems are done you will move into a more energetic, positive state.

2. Don't get into a rut. A persistent lack of motivation indicates a general dissatisfaction with your climbing this can be accentuated by hitting a pro-longed performance plateau, an increased feeling of frustration if you fail on your standard circuits or a feeling of constant pressure to perform.

These all tend to be the result of a stagnant climbing routine - climbing the same routes in the same way at the same venue with the same crowd becomes monotonous and boring.

Vary your routine by going to a different wall or crag, push out of your comfort zone and train your weaknesses , set targets and goals - write them down and then work on them. The extra incentive gained from hitting a target will keep the motivation going.

3. Warm up and relax - these two activities will help keep you injury free, get your mind and body ready for climbing and let you climb closer to your limit. There are 3 relaxation exercises that have been shown to help climbers.

a. Exhalation exercise is an introductory psychosomatic relaxation technique. This technique is used to allow clients to learn about basic relaxation and helps in attaining a relaxed state so that affirmations are more effective.

b. Learn how to develop and implement affirmation statements, which are used in the relaxed state to further reduce anxiety. Affirmations can be used in conjunction with relaxation techniques both during the preparation phase of a climb as well as during the climb itself.

c. Sequential relaxation technique is a somatopsychic technique that can be used to slow down and/or shut down an overactive mind. This helps lower experiences of stress and anxiety.



Booking - Performance Climbing in Spain


Booking Form

The full terms and conditions are on the booking page


Rates per person per day


Private instruction:

1 person:180 Euros - 2 people: 95 Euros - 3 people: 85 Euros -

4 people: 75 Euros


Open courses (up to 6 people):

1 person:100 Euros - 2 people: 75 Euros - 3 people: 65 Euros -

4 to 6 people: 60 Euros


Equipment provided by Rock Climbing Company

We will provide all technical equipment for climbing course - this includes ropes, climbing hardware plus a helmet and harness for each client. This is an advanced course and it is best if you have your own harness - one of the topics we cover is organising your rack logically and consistently so that you can always find that crucial quickdraw -or cam if you are trad climbing- quickly and efficiently when you need it.

Although we can provide hire rock shoes it is also best if you have your own rock shoes - it is crucial that you trust your feet and this only really starts to happen once you get used to a pair of shoes and start to explore their possibilities and limitations.


What you need to provide.

You will need to bring along enough clothing to keep you comfortable in the outdoors bearing in mind that all courses involve a bit of standing still, belay etc. The crags in Spain are exceptionally varied in the height exposure and orientation - thus we can climb all year round and- depending on where we climb the temperature can vary 15 - 20 degrees between days; so bring a bit of everything from sun protection and shorts to duvet, warm trousers and waterproof.

Most of the crag approaches are fairly short and straight forward so stiff trainers or approach shoes are normally suitable.

You will also need a rucksack (40+ litre capacity) and plenty of food and drink for each day of the course.

What is not included.

The prices below include travel to and from the crags.

They do not include accommodation, personal insurance or food.

We can provide accommodation in a newly modernised house - full details are in the Spanish Accommodation section.

Ratios and course sizes.

Performance climbing is best taught at a ratio of 1 to 3 clients to 1 instructor, ideally the ration is 2:1 or 3:1. However small groups - up to a maximum ratio of 4 clients - are also a possibility.

The following page gives more general information on our courses.





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